St. Anselm

St. Anselm is an American tavern devoted to the pleasures of grilled meats and great ingredients simply cooked.

While steak is a specialty, the creativity doesn’t stop there. Delicious food, eclectic wines, and classic cocktails set the tone for a great experience. Paired with friendly service in an unpretentious setting adorned with offbeat décor, dining at St. Anselm is the total package.

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  • Wooden table with a window view that is prepared with medium steak, deviled eggs
  • Tableview from above of sets of mix and match vintage utensils lays over the Saint Anserlm logo kraft paper menu serving as a placemat for our hand chopped steak tartare that is lightly salted and garnished with a pepper.

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When dining with us, your health and safety is our highest priority.

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